When you see/hear/feel evil don’t brush it off.

I remember hearing at the church from the priest a statement that did not make sense for me for a long time, until recently. The statement would go something like this: “there is evil lurking at every corner, we as Christians need to fight it and show the love of God throughout our actions, to fight evil”.

When I would hear this I would think that this sounds very farfetched, most people are good, only the crazies can do really evil stuff.
As I’m learning more and more about the world I’m realizing that evil is all around us, evil is in our money system, evil is in our governments, evil is in the taxes. If you think critically about our world you will notice that evil is everywhere even in your family and friends.

Let’s use some examples; imagine a family member drinks and drives, has many one night stands, take advantage of women when they are drunk. Another example could be that a family member is manipulative and when they are not getting what they want that hit, cry, and use a range of emotional weapons to have their way. One final example would be a parent that is so protective of their child that they don’t allow them to explore the world and learn, this results in the child missing out on experiences that would have made the child a better human being.

In most families when these types of things happen, other family members make the mistake of saying “oh that’s how he/she is” these kinds of comments encourage other family members to ignore the wrong thing that was done and make it seem like what was done is normal.

What this post aims to explain is that when you witness evil in your family or out in the world don’t be stupid and let it be brushed off, don’t ignore it, don’t let others tell you “its not a big deal”.


Evil slips into your vicinity just like cancer, when you are young and your cells mutate your antibodies recognize the mutated cell as deadly and they destroy it.
Don’t be stupid when you notice evil in your life call it what it is, don’t ignore it, and don’t forget it. Because if you teach your mind to ignore evil, and you brush it off, then one day it will make you sick like cancer that’s not being fought against.

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