Don’t do what everyone else does.

I was talking to a colleague recently about financial planning, I presented some ideas to her but her response was “well, what I do is what most people do”. She was trying to explain that just putting some money into for example a mutual fund is what most people do, and therefore she does that too.

I had to stop her and point out that doing what most people do yields results that most people get, meaning that because so many people are getting the same result as you, that will make your result the average.

For extraordinary results, you have to do extraordinary things.

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I call it “facing the lion”, you have to look fear in the eyes and challenge it. When you go against the grain of society, when you do things that are not common, you will get a lot of pushback. First from family, then friends and even strangers, these people will be shocked by your views and actions. And having this type of response to your ideas and actions will defiantly make you scared, you will dought yourself thinking “is what I’m doing right, why don’t others get it?”. When you have these feelings remember that geniuses change the way our world is while being challenged by society, they were laughed at and ignored until their idea became the norm and everyone adopted it.

Think about the internet, email, the automobile and other notable inventions were once laughed at by people who don’t like change.

My advice is never to do what everyone else does, another way of saying this is “don’t be a normie”. Challenge the status quo, and you will find that your life becomes so much interesting, because you are living on the cutting edge of change.

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